What can AI do for my association TODAY?

Belinda Moore
Feb 19, 2024By Belinda Moore

In case you missed it, registrations are open for the Associations Reimagined: AI & the Digital Frontier conference running in March. Given the acceleration of AI adoption by associations and their members,  we encourage you to attend this important event. 

AI is not some complicated tech that's only for big companies. In fact, there are many AI tools that can have a massive impact on the success of your association right now.

Below are a list of 10 things they can help you to do right now ... but ... you may like to scroll down to where I've used one of those groovy AI tools to convert this e-news into a video :)  

Find New Members or Sponsors in Seconds:

You can find the contact details for prospective members or sponsors in moments using online services, such as Lusha. This searchable database enables you to quickly create an email or phone database specific to your needs (eg: a list of CEOs from businesses in a specific sector). 

Personalise Written Communication  

You can create highly personalised communications in moments. For example, you can upload a database of prospective members to ChatGPT and ask it to look up their websites and draft a email inviting them to join that is personalised to the individual and their company they work for. We've been doing when approaching prospects for high-value partnerships for a meeting - it's been exceptionally effective.

Personalise Video Messages

You can create videos that are personalised to the individual member in moments. Using Invideo you can create - and send - customised videos that address the recipients by name, reference their specific interests, and provide information relevant to their potential involvement with the association. Even better - there is no need for video editing as the AI does it all.

Make complex research accessible

You can translate complex research and reports into a more consumable format in many ways. Upload the document into ChatGPT and ask it to convert the information into a short article, a longer blog, a YouTube video, a LinkedIn Post, a TikTok video, an infographic or even a poem. You can even ask them to produce those items for specific market segments. For example, upload the Federal Budget and get it to create a TikTok on how it will affect students. One piece of information can easily be converted to fit many different channels. 

Quickly Create Targeted Newsletters and Blogs

You can quickly and easily create newsletters tailored for different member segments or even individual members. Using ChatGPT, you can create a newsletter and then create several versions targeted at different market segments. 

Communicate More Effectively with the TikTok Generation

You can target those hard-to-reach younger members by converting text newsletters into TikToks that automatically summarise the content and put it into a TikTok sharable format. Using Invideo this is very quick and easy.

Submit Grant Applications More Quickly and With An Increased Chance of Success

You can save yourself a huge amount of time by getting AI to fill out your grant applications. The grant application process can be daunting due to its complexity and the precision required. You can upload the application to ChatGPT and ask it to autofill the applications based on pre-existing data, analysing grant requirements, and ensuring that all submissions are compliant with the stipulated guidelines. This not only saves time but also increases the likelihood of successful grant acquisitions.   

Make Outbound Calls Cheaply and Quickly

You can make thousands of outbound calls in moments. Air is an AI telephone service that can talk in any language and any accent you choose - and it sounds just like a human. They can make the call, effortlessly have a chat with a particular objective in mind, schedule follow-ups, and even answer queries. With a tiny cost per call, you could personally invite everyone on your entire database to your conference on the same day. And have an early understanding of the registration intentions of the bulk of your database.  

Create Better Board Reports, More Quickly.

You can automate the production of Board reports and save yourself considerable time and effort. Using ChatGPT, you can automate the analysis of data, generate visually appealing reports, and present information in your tone of voice and writing style. Some associations are even exploring appointing a non-voting AI board member to help their board to make better informed choices.

Find the Perfect Event Formula.

You can use ChatGPT to sift through past event data, understanding what topics, formats, and speakers resonate most with your audience, ensuring every event is perfectly tailored.

So, what can AI do for my association today?

By embracing AI, associations can enhance operational efficiencies, personalise member experiences, and ensure the sustainability of their growth and relevance in an increasingly digital world. 

The time to act is now; by adopting low-cost AI solutions, associations can position themselves at the forefront of innovation, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital age head-on. Taking their members along with them.

As I mentioned above, I pasted this blog post into an AI tool, and it made this video in less than 3 minutes. No video editing, no script writing, no voice overs. So cool :)