Upcoming Events For Association Professionals

Apr 04, 2024By Belinda Moore
Belinda Moore

We are thrilled to share an exciting lineup of events designed for those shaping the future of associations. From hands-on workshops, purposeful discussions, and insightful webinars, there’s something for everyone. Whether you're tuning in online or joining face-to-face, you can get fresh ideas, sharpen your skills, and connect with our awesome association community. What could you register for today?  
Conversations Dominating Association Planning (Webinar)

Designed for those wanting to understand current trends in associations, this webinar will consider the 14 critical conversations shaping associations around the world. From revolutionising membership models, digital transformation, embracing diversity and demonstrating leadership, this 45-minute webinar will arm you with the insights and strategies to navigate change and lead with purpose. The recording will be sent to registrants after the workshop. 12.30pm AEST. Online April 16.  
Association Event Innovators Retreat (Face-to-Face) 

Designed for forward thinking event professionals, this is your chance to explore AI's revolutionary role in events, connect with top-tier professionals, and leave with groundbreaking strategies and a renewed passion for crafting unforgettable experiences. This immersive journey that blends cutting-edge insights with unparalleled networking. Lancemore Mansion Hotel Werribee Park. Melbourne. April 17-19.
AI Skills for Association Professionals (Online Workshop)

This three-hour workshop has been designed to equip you with the AI skills essential for dramatically increasing your productivity. This interactive experience offers a deep dive into practical AI applications, live demonstrations, and personalised advice to ensure you're not just observing the AI revolution but actively participating in it. This event will run regularly, and each session will be updated to reflect any new AI developments. The recording will be sent to registrants after the workshop. 9am-12pm AEST. Online: May 31, Jul 31, Oct 02, Nov 22.
Association AI Update: What's New? (Online Briefing) 

Worried about how to keep on top of what's happening in AI? These briefings provide an up-to-the moment update on what innovations are happening in AI. Sessions are designed for regular participation and will showcase how AI has progressed since the last briefing. Stay ahead of the AI curve with expert guidance, see the newest tools, and get answers to your AI questions in an engaging and straightforward format. The recording will be sent to registrants after the event. 9am-10.30pm. Online: May 03, Jun 13, Aug 30, Oct 31, Dec 6
Association Leaders' Retreat (Face-To-Face) 

This unique face-to-face gathering has been designed for senior association leaders wanting to explore innovative strategies through collaborative discussions. Set against the breathtaking scenery of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, this retreat offers a blend of professional development, networking, and cultural experiences like the unforgettable Winjiri Sunset Dinner, ensuring a journey of collaboration, innovation, and exploration that goes beyond the ordinary. Sails in the Desert. Uluru. May 15-17.
Association Leaders' Exchange (Face-To-Face) 

This one-day powerhouse event has been designed to spark innovation, foster collaboration, and drive growth for association professionals. Dive deep into the most pressing issues facing today's associations, from AI to governance to member engagement. Participate in small-group discussions led by industry experts and have ample opportunities to connect with peers and pioneers. Don't miss this chance to get inspired and strengthen your networks in an environment that celebrates forward-thinking and actionable insights. 8.45am-4pm. Sydney 12 Jul, Wellington 18 Jul, Melbourne 26 Jul, Brisbane 2 Aug
Evolving Association Membership Models (Webinar) 

Dive into the future of association membership with our enlightening 45-minute webinar on evolving membership models, designed to meet the changing needs and expectations of your members. Learn how to transition to more flexible, value-driven, and purpose-centric models that foster meaningful connections and align with your organisational goals. Join us to empower your association to thrive in this new era and secure your place in forging enduring relationships with your members. The recording will be sent to registrants after the event. 12pm AEST. Online: 22 Aug