The World Needs Associations More Than Ever

Feb 13, 2024

AI is already beginning to reshape the fabric of our professions, industries, and causes. And the pace of change is accelerating rapidly. The world needs associations more than ever before.

COVID is going to look like a minor inconvenience compared to what’s coming.

Associations are perfectly positioned to support their members to leverage the opportunities and navigate the challenges of AI. They can mobilise to influence regulatory discussions, harness collective impact, and position their members can navigate an AI powered future.

Why should you be actively working on this space ...

To Stay Ahead, or Risk Being Left Behind

If your association isn’t positioning itself to deliver the solutions members need to adapt AI, then another organisation will. By leading the charge in AI, associations can demonstrate powerful relevance to their members – and securing their competitive position.

I can’t overstate this – AI is a looming existential threat for associations who don’t act … and an amazing opportunity for those who do.

Lead with Ethics in AI

As AI speeds ahead, ethical concerns like privacy and transparency intensify. Associations must lead in crafting policies that protect members and society amidst this rapid evolution.

To Bridge the Skills Gap

AI's shake-up of job roles demands associations drive re-skilling efforts, preparing members for future shifts with tailored learning.

To Re-Define Member Value

AI's potential for innovation is limitless, presenting associations with the chance to redefine what they offer to members and how they operate.

To Leverage Greater Impact

Associations can harness their reach to foster a culture of cooperation and collaboration that helps members tackle AI's complexities together, multiplying their influence.

Use Data to Drive Decision-Making

Armed with insights into AI, associations can provide unmatched resources, viewpoints, and foresight, enhancing member engagement and underscoring their vital role.

Where To Now?

Navigating the AI revolution demands collaboration —no association can do it alone. "Associations Reimagined: AI & The Digital Frontier Conference" is where this collective journey begins.

This important event will bring associations from around Australia and New Zealand together to discuss all the topics above, understand the full extent of AI's impact, provide an understanding of what the future may look like, and the first steps on taking that journey forward together.

I strongly encourage you to register yourself and your team for this crucial gathering—it's a valuable use of your time and an essential step forward.

We have partnered with Answers for Associations and will be speaking at this event. We wanted to give a huge thank you to Jason Broom and the rest of the team at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center for their very generous support of this event. It has ensured registration fees are super affordable for all.