The Power of Connection

Belinda Moore
Jul 02, 2024By Belinda Moore

Investing time in connecting with other association professionals is one of the most valuable actions we can take for our professional growth and our associations' success.

Connecting with other association professionals gives you access to a treasure trove of shared experiences, solutions, and innovative ideas. The collective wisdom and diverse perspectives you gain from these interactions are invaluable.

The beauty of these connections lies not just in the exchange of knowledge but also in the support network they create. Knowing that others understand your struggles and triumphs can be incredibly reassuring - knowing your not alone in what can be a challenging space to work.

These connections also remind us that we are part of a larger community, united by our commitment to making a difference through the power of association.

Is it time you took a moment to connect? Here are a few local and international opportunities to consider:

Local Opportunities: Association Leaders Exchanges

For those in Australia and New Zealand, we have some fantastic opportunities right around the corner. The Association Leaders Exchanges are one-day events designed to be highly interactive and delegate-driven, making them the perfect setting to foster meaningful connections. You can attend in:​

Sydney: 12 July
Wellington: 18 July
Melbourne: 26 July
Brisbane: 2 August

Going Global: American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting

I'm excited to be attending the ASAE Annual Meeting in Ohio this August. This event brings together over 3,000 association professionals to learn, share, and connect. If you're planning to attend, let me know! I'll add you to the WhatsApp group for attendees from our side of the pond. This will help coordinate meet-ups and make the experience even more fun.

Expanding Horizons: India Association Congress

In September, I'm heading to the India Association Congress, another excellent opportunity for association professionals to connect, share insights, and work together to tackle common challenges.

Other Opportunities

Whenever I come across valuable opportunities to connect or useful insights, I share them on my LinkedIn. If you'd like to see these, please connect to me on LinkedIn. 

Association professionals are an awesome bunch of people with a flair for finding creative solutions to their challenges. It is truly worth making the time to reach out, attend events, and connect with vibrant, supportive community.

The inspiration you need might be just a short conversation away.