Recognising and Supporting Member Volunteers

Oct 30, 2023

Member volunteers play a crucial role in the success of associations, and it’s important to recognise and appreciate their contributions. Volunteering allows members to get more involved in the association and contribute their skills and expertise, which can help the organisation achieve its goals and better serve its members. Without the support of dedicated volunteers, many associations would struggle to accomplish all that they do. Here are some ways associations can better recognise their member volunteers:

Say thank you.

A simple yet effective way to show appreciation is to simply say thank you to your volunteers. This can be done through personal thank you notes, verbal recognition at meetings or events, or even a public shout-out on social media.

Provide training and development opportunities.

Offering training and development opportunities to your volunteers can not only help them grow and improve in their roles, but also show that you value their contributions and are invested in their growth.

Offer perks.

Providing perks and discounts to your volunteers, such as free conference registration or discounted merchandise, can be a small yet meaningful way to show your appreciation.

Recognise milestones.

Whether it’s a milestone number of hours volunteered or a certain number of years of service, recognising these milestones can be a great way to show appreciation for your volunteers’ long-term commitment.

Share success stories.

Highlighting the impact and success of your volunteers’ contributions through stories and testimonials can not only show appreciation, but also inspire others to get involved as volunteers.

Involve volunteers in decision making.

Giving your volunteers a seat at the table and involving them in decision making processes can not only show appreciation for their contributions, but also help them feel more invested in the success of the organisation.

Offer volunteer appreciation events.

Hosting an event specifically to honour and celebrate the contributions of your volunteers is a great way to show your appreciation. This could be a volunteer appreciation luncheon, a volunteer appreciation day, or even a volunteer appreciation week.

By implementing these seven strategies, associations can better recognise and appreciate the contributions of their member volunteers.

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