Quickly Generate Sponsor Meetings with a Dash of AI Magic

Oct 30, 2023

This week’s article was brought to you by the dynamic duo of Julian Moore and ChatGPT4, who are filling in for Belinda as she is down with a bad case of writer’s block …

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane – not too far back, just to the pre-AI days, say around November last year.

Back then, the process of scoring sponsor meetings resembled an intricate dance routine. We’d craft proposals, scout potential organisations, and play detective on their websites to unearth all the juicy details. Then, armed with this treasure trove of info, we’d create tailor-made proposals fit for the discerning eyes of marketing directors.

We’d rinse and repeat this routine about 50 times, crossing our fingers to summon around 10 meetings, of which we’d hope for a 4 to 5 strike rate. But, of course, that’s if everything went as smooth as butter.

And boy, oh boy, did this whole affair gobble up time – roughly 3 to 4 weeks on average. Then came the encore – a marathon of 6 to 8 weeks, just for follow-ups to secure these elusive meetings.

Talk about a resource-intensive and time-sucking spectacle!

Fear not, dear sponsorship seekers, for our knight in shining digital armour, ChatGPT4, is now here to save the day and de-complicate the dance. Here’s the latest groove to secure sponsor meetings:

Summon ChatGPT4

Fire up the interface and introduce yourself – your role, your company, and the digital face of your company aka your website. Clarify the air with ChatGPT4 by engaging it in a bit of Q&A.

Lay Out Its Role

Once ChatGPT4 knows you and your company like the back of its digital hand, let it in on its new gig – your trusty partnerships assistant. It’s here to be your partner-in-crime, helping you pick the perfect match for your organisation, project, or shindig. Ready for the plot twist?

Handpick Beneficial Industries

Have a heart-to-heart with ChatGPT4 about industries where your company can bring home the bacon and industries that’d happily send some back your way. In return, ChatGPT4 will unravel a neat list of industries and sectors that are just dying to team up with your gang. And wait for it… it’ll even school you on why these alliances make sense.

Unveil Top Organisations

Next, task ChatGPT4 with revealing the crème de la crème – the top five organisations in each sector. Armed with this intel, you’ll have the inside scoop on the aligned players in each sector, the why behind wanting to join forces, and the kind of relationship these big shots are after.

Tango with Lusha

Time to sashay over to Lusha.com and play detective to find the right folks to knock on the digital door at each company. If someone isn’t on the Lusha database then they probably don’t exist!

Cook Up Your Approach

Now, armed with a list of potential contacts, whisper to ChatGPT4 the names and roles of these fine folks. Request it to cook up a sizzling pitch that’ll snag you a spot in a Zoom call. And, oh yeah, remind it that we’re in Australia, so the spelling should be down under style, minus the slang. Ask it to add a sprinkle of humour (5%) and a increase the detail by 10% to really make it pop. ChatGPT4 will whip up an email masterpiece for you. Copy, paste, and off it goes to your potential partners.

By waltzing to this new tune, the time and effort for your outreach gets dialled down, and your chances of sealing a face-to-face powwow shoot up by a whopping 400%. We’ve road-tested this groove with various groups, and guess what? We’ve managed to swing at least 10 meetings with some top-notch prospects every single time. So go on, dance your way to those successful meetings!

We’ve had a massive amount of success using AI to enhance sponsorship outcomes. If you’d like more information about how we can help you, email [email protected]