Predictions for the next 14 months - The Imminent Wave of AI-Driven Transformation

Nov 01, 2023

The future isn't just knocking at our door—it has already walked in, made itself comfortable, and is sipping a cup of coffee on our most expensive couch! Just pause for a moment and consider where we are today: you can create a website in a mere minute and build an iPhone app in less time than it takes to finish lunch. You can clone your video self for virtual meetings and replicate your voice to send personalized messages across the globe. 

We're living in an era where an AI system can simultaneously engage in 10,000 unique telephone conversations without batting a digital eye. Want to reach out to someone? No need for endless Google searches. Today's technology can locate any email or phone number in the world. Customer service issues? Chat assistants are now so advanced they can resolve virtually any issue your member might have.

And here’s the cherry on top: you don’t need to be a programmer to do any of this. Forget Python, Java, or C++; the most effective programming language today is English. Natural language commands are all you need to harness these powerful technologies.

So why does all this matter? Because if technology has come this far, in just 12 months, imagine the tectonic shifts awaiting us in the next 12/24months. Hold onto your ergonomically designed office chairs because we're about to delve into predictions that will not merely be game-changers, but game-obliterators. The next 12 to 24months will redefine our understanding of progress itself, and as CEOs, it's crucial you are prepared to ride this wave.

I believe it’s essential for you as association leaders to understand that the world is not just changing; it's about to metamorphose in ways we can scarcely imagine. The next 12/24 months will see a cascade of advancements so disruptive, yet so beneficial, they will redefine our understanding of progress itself.

A Medical Revolution: From One Cure to an Avalanche

By 2025, gene editing technology will not only cure a major disease but will also set off an avalanche of subsequent cures. Think of it as a medical domino effect, one where the fall of the first piece heralds a chain reaction. This phenomenon mirrors the evolution of Artificial Intelligence: what began as a specialized field has exploded into thousands of new innovations every week. As leaders, we must be ready to adapt our healthcare strategies and policies to accommodate this rapid rate of progress.

The Dawn of AGI: The Skies the Limit

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is no longer the stuff of science fiction; it’s our imminent reality. Before 2025 is finished, we're going to witness the birth of the first AGI. Why so soon? The pace at which technology is advancing, coupled with the multipliers at play in data, processing capabilities, and integration, means that AGI is just around the corner. This will alter how businesses operate, leading to unimaginable efficiencies and opening doors to new possibilities we can't yet fathom.

The End of the ICE Age: Electric Batteries Take the Wheel

In the very near future, the efficiency of electric batteries will skyrocket, allowing vehicles to cover 500 miles (or 800 km for our metric aficionados) in any weather condition on a single charge—also cutting the charging time in half. This breakthrough will render Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) almost obsolete. The automotive industry will need to hit the accelerator on adopting these new technologies, as the end of the ICE era heralds a sea change in transportation and logistics.

Home Sweet Automated Home: Meet Your New Roommate

In 2024, humanoid home assistants will start walking—literally—into our lives. Capable of performing tasks like vacuuming, polishing, and even loading the dishwasher, these robotic comrades will redefine the concept of household chores. As CEOs, this means contemplating the social, economic, and ethical implications of a world where manual labour is increasingly automated.

The Next Entertainment Frontier: Personalized TV Series

The realm of entertainment is about to get a makeover too. Imagine a world where you could input your preferences into YouTube or a TV platform and receive a fully AI-generated episode tailored just for you. As the boundary between creators and consumers blurs, this could herald a new wave of hyper-personalized content. Businesses in the entertainment sector will have to adapt to this viewer-driven model or risk being left in the proverbial dust.

The 200-Year Life: Turning Back the Clock

If you're planning for retirement, you might want to think long—really long—term. Advancements in supplements and health technology indicate that the first person to live until 200 has already been born. The burgeoning field of longevity research is creating effective ways to combat aging and age-related diseases. This will not only impact healthcare but also social structures, economies, and workforce planning.


The world is on the cusp of changes so significant they will rewrite the rulebook on what's possible. The time for leadership is now. As CEOs, you are not just witnesses to this unfolding future; you are the stewards, the architects, and the pioneers.

The question isn't whether we'll adapt to these changes, but how swiftly and effectively we can lead our associations and members through this uncharted territory.

Fasten your seat belts, ladies, and gentlemen, because in the next 14 months we're about to take off into a future so dazzling it outshines science fiction. And unlike the movies, there’s no turning back and no alternate endings. This is our reality, and it’s spectacular.

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