Practical Ways to Unleash the Power of AI in Your Association

Dec 11, 2023

Associations around the world are not just embracing AI, they're riding the wave of its transformative power. For the smaller associations, it's like finding a secret weapon in their toolbox – they're streamlining processes and offering tailor-made experiences to members, making a mighty impression. And for the big players? They're using AI as their super-powered lens, magnifying data for strategic insights and supercharging member engagement on an epic scale.

Artificial Intelligence is a practical superpower all associations, regardless of size, can significantly benefit from. Following are some practical tips to start your AI adventure on the right foot.

Designate AI Advocates

Think of this as finding the Indiana Jones of AI in your organisation – someone adventurous, yet thoughtful about integrating AI. Provide them with the space to identify and assess how AI can benefit your organisation. They'll be the torchbearers, guiding others through the AI jungle, identifying where AI can turn their daily challenges into a walk in the park.

Training and Education: Knowledge is Power (Literally)

It’s not just about staff knowing what AI is, but how it can be the Robin to their Batman. Training demystifies AI, moving it from sci-fi to reality, enabling each team member to think about AI not as a distant concept, but as an accessible tool that's here to stay and help.

Regular AI Check-ins

Think of these meetings as the Avengers' debriefs. Here, staff can swap stories about their AI escapades, learning from each other’s victories and misadventures. It’s about building a community within the organisation that breathes, eats, and sleeps AI.

A Nod from the Big Wigs

When the higher-ups are on board, it's like having Dumbledore's support at Hogwarts. Their backing is crucial in ensuring that AI isn't just a passing fad but a core part of the association's strategy and culture.

Trial Runs: Small Steps to Giant Leaps

Pilot projects are the association's playgrounds for AI. They are low-risk, high-reward scenarios where teams can experiment, observe outcomes, and fine-tune their approach. It’s about learning by doing, an essential step in the AI journey.

Feedback Loop: The Magic Conch Shell

This is where the grassroots wisdom about AI percolates up. It's not just about collecting feedback but acting on it, turning the team's insights into a goldmine for continuous improvement in the AI adventure.

Call in the Cavalry: External AI Gurus

Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes, can offer new perspectives and solutions. An external experts can help bridge gaps, introduce cutting-edge AI practices, and tailor solutions that fit like a glove to the association's unique needs.

If you are looking for some external support to embrace a future where AI is as integral to your operations as your morning coffee is to your day, email [email protected] and let's talk further.