OpenAI’s Latest Game-Changer: Custom GPTs for your Association

Nov 13, 2023

Have you caught wind of OpenAI's latest? Did you wake up at 4am last Tuesday to watch the openAI Dev Day keynote?... Nope, just me then lol. 

They've introduced some impressive AI tools that can make a big impact on associations. One of those is the ability for anyone to create their own, custom version of GPT.

What’s a GPT?

A GPT is like having your own version of ChatGPT – but tailored to your specific requirements. It   even contains your own data. It learns from a lot of data, which means you can teach it about your specific topics and needs. Whether it's crafting specialised articles, responding to unique questions, summarising information in a particular way, or engaging in conversation, a customised GPT can handle it. This customisation feature makes GPTs extremely versatile and valuable, especially associations.

Here's a few examples …

For CEOs.

Think of custom GPTs as your strategic assistant. It's not just about crunching numbers; it’s about insights and foresight into your association profession or industry. For example, you can create a  custom GPT to analyse market trends and data. It’s an efficient and cost-effective tool that makes executive decision-making sharper and more informed.

For Membership Managers.

Personalised AI apps, or GPTs, can help with member engagement. These tools can automate communication, providing a tailored experience for each member. For example, you can create a GPT-driven chatbot (like a traditional chatbot but on steroids) that provides personalised responses to member inquiries, boosting engagement and reducing response times.

For Event Managers.

Planning events? Custom AI models can be your secret weapon. From managing intricate details to offering personalised event experiences, these models are like having an extra pair of hands, dedicated to making every event a success. For example, create a custom GPT to coordinate vendors and schedules, streamline event planning and introduce dynamic, personalised agendas for attendees.

For Marketing and Communications.

AI-driven content creation and customer engagement tools can elevate your marketing game. These GPTs offer a blend of creativity and efficiency, ensuring your message always hits the mark. For example, uses a customer GPT to generate targeted content campaigns, adapting to member interests and behaviours.

Worried about Privacy and Compliance?

Data privacy and legal compliance are crucial. OpenAI’s custom models prioritise security and privacy, keeping your data under lock and key. Plus, they offer legal support to navigate the tricky waters of copyright issues.

How? Making Your Own AI.

Setting up your personalised GPT-4 model is easier than you might think, especially if you're already subscribed to GPT-4 for a reasonable $20 USD per month (that’s approx. $30 AUD). From your user interface, click on your name. Then click on the 'My GPTs' option. From there, just follow the prompts.

Here’s One We Prepared Earlier …

Think of it as unveiling a technological masterpiece that you've carefully crafted. An excellent example of this is the model we created, "Association Guru”. We’ve uploaded some PDFs and given it instructions on how to use these and how to answer questions.  The responses are slower, as it is retrieving information from our documents, but ask it about anything associations and you will get quite an unbelievable answer.

If you’d like to understand how your association can practically leverage AI to immediately begin achieving significant productivity increases and maximise member experiences, contact Julian Moore on [email protected] or +61 (0) 401 648 533.