I made a huge mistake

Belinda Moore
Feb 16, 2024By Belinda Moore

About 10 years ago I wrote a paper called "Membership is Dead?" that went viral. The first paragraph was:

A number of powerful generational, cultural and economic forces are colliding to create a perfect storm that will make the next 5-20 years some of the toughest ever faced by associations. Associations who don’t adapt face a slow decline into obscurity as they are replaced by newer, more innovative, less bureaucratically challenged, less change resistant competitors. While the idea of membership will continue, the antiquated models of recruiting, retaining and engaging members cannot survive in an increasingly challenging and ever-changing operating environment.

And I realise now I made a huge mistake. 

It's true that generational, cultural, and economic forces were (and are still) colliding to create a perfect storm. But the eye of that storm is undoubtedly technology. 

I've spent almost 30 years studying associations to identify trends impacting them and their evolution.

And I've spent the better part of the last year extrapolating how AI will impact associations over the next 5 years.

And it's terrifying.

(Seriously, the magnitude of the coming wave of change looked so overwhelming that I briefly considered retiring early.)

We are at a critical moment in time. I cannot overstate how important it is for senior association leaders to act now.

As adaption of AI accelerates, associations have an opportunity to demonstrate their continued relevance by stepping up to navigate their sectors forward. 

Some associations are already on it (and doing amazing things). 

But most are not. 

And that worries me because I can see what's coming. 

I know you are busy and it's difficult to keep on top of everything. For that reason we collaborated with Answers for Associations to bring you the Associations Reimagined: AI & The Digital Frontier conference

This one-day event will bring you up-to-speed on what you need to know right now including:What funding is available to support AI adoption. 

* How AI is already reshaping professionals and jobs.
* How associations can rise to meet the challenge of AI.
* AI tools associations are using right now.
* Managing data privacy and ethical challenges.
* How AI is fundamentally changing learning.     

I guarantee that the investment of time will be well worth the critical insights you will gather.

If you can't attend, I encourage you to send someone else from your organisation. It is important that all associations have the insights that will be shared at this event. 

This conference is a significant step in our journey to inspire associations to step up to the challenge ahead. I hope you can join us.