Don't Limit the Impact of Your Strategic Planning Process

Feb 01, 2024

Crafting a strategic plan for your association is like assembling a chorus of voices, each harmonising to create a symphony of success.

It's crucial to recognise whose voices need amplification in this process. Who are the key stakeholders whose insights and perspectives will turn your strategic plan from a mere document into a living, breathing roadmap for your association's future?

This journey is about consulting with a diverse mix of individuals, each bringing their unique notes to the strategic melody. This kind of consultation doesn't have to be expensive – meaningful engagement can often be achieved with thoughtful, well-structured communication and feedback mechanisms, rather than costly initiatives.

Let's explore who these essential contributors are and the distinct insights they bring to ensure your plan resonates and delivered as compelling roadmap to the future:

1. Board Members: The Strategic Captains

Besides governance and oversight, board members can offer strategic insights on aligning the plan with long-term objectives and the kind of outcomes that truly resonate with the association's core mission.

2. Staff: The Driving Force

Your staff are not just operationally savvy; they bring a practical viewpoint on what’s needed and what's achievable. They can shed light on how specific strategic objectives might translate into day-to-day activities and member experiences.

3. Current Members: The Heartbeat

Current members are your direct line to what’s working and what’s not. They can provide candid feedback on the outcomes they value most, helping tailor your strategy to generate tangible benefits for the member community.

4. Past Members: The Lost Treasure

Past members provide a retrospective view on where your strategy might have previously missed the mark - and a current view on what's needed to the future. Their reasons for leaving can offer insights into strategic gaps and opportunities.

5. Never-Members: The New Horizons

Those who have never joined can unveil insights into unmet needs and potential new directions. Their perspectives can guide strategies for expanding your association's reach and relevance to new audiences.

6. Industry Experts: The Visionaries

Industry experts offer foresight and trend analysis, enabling your association to anticipate and strategically position itself for future challenges and opportunities within your sector.

7. Partner Organisations: The Collaborators

Partners can help identify collaborative strategies that amplify impact, offering insights into potential synergistic initiatives that could benefit members and the broader industry.

Bringing together such a diverse group of voices can be as challenging as conducting an orchestra. This is where a skilled facilitator comes in.

A great facilitator can help streamline the process, ensuring that every voice is heard and integrated into the strategic plan. They act as the conductor, balancing the inputs, managing discussions, and guiding the group towards a cohesive and actionable strategy. Their expertise can be invaluable in navigating complex conversations and ensuring the planning process remains focused and productive. 

If you are looking for a faciltator for your strategic planning process, contact [email protected] to talk more about how we can assist.