Does AI Replace or Enhance Human Creativity?

Belinda Moore
Apr 02, 2024By Belinda Moore

Over the Easter break Julian decided to spend some time playing with the recently released AI tools that enable the average person to create music. 

He created a number of songs that he's uploaded to YouTube to showcase what's possible. Here's my favourite:

He set up a YouTube channel called AI Remix to demonstrate the kind of outputs than can be achieved with the tools currently available. To our surprise, it organically generated over 13.7K in unique views in just 7 days.

This could be a strong potential marketing and engagement channel for associations.

I've got to say, I'm genuinely impressed with what can be achieved ... and excited to see how these tools evolve.

I admit, I was a bit sceptical about people using AI to create music.

The idea of machines crafting lyrics and tunes felt like it might edge out the human element of music. After all, being creative is one of the things that makes us human and allows us to express our thoughts and feelings.

Having now seen the creative process, my perspective's taken a complete 180.

Making a song using AI isn't about hitting the "create" button on a computer. There's a lot of heart and soul that goes into shaping these tracks. The AI is more like a collaborator and an enabler, offering a new set of tools to express ideas that were potentially out of reach before.

AI tools remove barriers to human creativity.

Don't have a guitar? Can’t play the drums? Find expressing your thoughts in words challenging? Never created any kind of music in your life? No problem.

With AI, those aren't barriers anymore. Anyone can bring their musical ideas to life, and that's super exciting.

AI gives someone who has a creative vision, the ability to bring it to life in ways they could never manage alone. It brings the ability to generate something awesome to the average person. 

There is still a lot of work to do on refining those tools. 

As you can see from the quality of the videos the AI is producing, the AI itself has some way to go before being able to match the quality of human generated output ... although, with Sora coming out later this year, that may be about to change.

What could your association do with tools like this? What could you do over the next couple of months as these tools evolve?

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