Attracting and Retaining Younger Members

Oct 30, 2023

Younger members bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and the immense potential to shape the future of associations. Recognising and tapping into their potential isn’t just a choice, it’s a necessity for the ongoing vitality and sustainability of associations. However, younger members approach membership differently and require targeted strategies to engage them effectively and build enduring bonds. Here are some of the approaches currently being used:

Use social media and other digital platforms

Younger generations are heavily reliant on social media and other digital platforms for communication and information. By maintaining a strong online presence and using platforms your younger members are already using, you can reach out to and engage with younger members where they already spend a significant amount of their time.

Offer relevant benefits and opportunities

Younger members are often looking for professional development opportunities, networking events, and ways to get involved and make a difference. Associations can tailor their benefits and opportunities to the specific needs and interests of younger members, such as offering leadership training programs or organising volunteer projects.

Foster a sense of community

Younger members are often drawn to organisations that have a strong sense of community and connection. Associations can foster this sense of community by promoting collaboration and interaction among members, both online and in-person. This could include organising social events, starting discussion groups or committees, and encouraging members to get involved in the decision-making process.

Use technology to enhance the member experience

Younger members are used to accessing information and services digitally and expect a seamless, tech-savvy experience. Associations can meet these expectations by offering online resources, such as webinars and e-learning courses, and by implementing convenient technologies such as mobile apps and online payment systems.

Provide personalised communication

Younger members value personalised communication and appreciate being recognised for their individual contributions and achievements. Associations can use email marketing and other communication tools to provide personalised services, messaging and recognition to younger members.

Promote diversity and inclusivity

Younger members are often attracted to organisations that promote diversity and inclusivity. Associations can demonstrate their commitment to these values by actively recruiting and supporting members from underrepresented groups and by promoting a welcoming and inclusive culture.

Stay current and relevant

Younger members want to be part of an organisation that is current, relevant, and forward-thinking. Associations can stay relevant by keeping up with industry trends and emerging technologies and by regularly seeking out new opportunities and partnerships.

If you are looking for support to maximise the success of your membership program, please email [email protected]. I would be happy to discuss how I can assist in more detail.