🎁 Gift Your Association a Fresh Start in the New Year with KBI Insurance! 🎉

Dec 12, 2023

As the festive lights twinkle and we eagerly await Santa’s arrival, I’ve got some early Christmas cheer to share with you. 

I’d like to talk about insurance.

Yes, I know, dealing with insurance can sometimes feel less exciting than finding socks under the Christmas tree. But imagine starting the New Year with the confidence that your association is covered – it's like unwrapping the best present ever (well … ok … almost)!

We are currently undergoing some of the most significant shifts in the risk landscape in history - especially in the digital realm. We live in a world where cyber threats are as common as tinsel at Christmas. From data breaches to online fraud, the digital age has brought new challenges that old insurance policies may not fully address.

It's vital to ensure that your coverage evolves as rapidly as these risks, providing a safety net for everything from sensitive member data to digital assets. This reassessment is as essential as checking those holiday lights for any frayed wires – because prevention is always better than cure.

And here’s where the Christmas cheer happens … Answers for Associations and KBI Insurance have spent over a year tailoring an insurance solution that’s right for a wide variety of associations – creating comprehensive coverage needs at highly competitive rates.*

I’ve been part of this process and have been amazed at what KBI have come up with.

So, before you dive into the holiday celebrations, I highly recommend clicking here for a quote or schedule a call closer to your renewal date, I promise it’s way simpler than untangling Christmas lights and much more satisfying!

Here’s to a jolly, risk-ready 2024, filled with peace, joy, and the confidence of healthy insurance coverage.


* Financial Services Laws are very confusing and complex and I take them very seriously. I'd like you to know that Answers for Associations is a referral partner for KBI and not licensed to provide financial advice or any other financial services. Answers receives a commission on referrals to KBI which supports the many services Answers provides to associations. KBI Pty Ltd is an Authorised Representative (450152) of KBI Group Pty Ltd (ABN 56 167 437 121, AFSL 494792).