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Belinda Moore, Consultant

Belinda has assisted thousands of not-for-profit organisations with their strategic and membership challenges. She specialises in training, motivating and up-skilling boards, staff, and volunteers to improve performance and outcomes. She works with a broad range of professional associations, industry bodies, and charities throughout Australia and New Zealand. Known for her enthusiastic and engaging style, Belinda is a frequent presenter for not-for-profit organisations around the world and can speak knowledgeably on an array of topics relating to association strategy, business models, and membership. Revealing insights from her personal and professional experiences over more than 25 years working with associations, she ensures that participants walk away with practical ideas and information they can immediately apply. Belinda authored the white papers Association Apocalypse and Membership is Dead? and writes the popular Association Annie comic strips. She has written four books: The Membership Machine, Membership Fundamentals, The Membership Managers’ Handbook, and Association Annie: Herding Cats. Belinda has worked with professional associations, industry associations, community organisations, charities and other non-government organisations to assist them to powerfully improve their membership growth and develop other income streams. You can connect with Belinda by emailing belinda@smsonline.net.au, calling +61 413 190 197 or via LinkedIn or Twitter.

“I have known Belinda for a number of years in the association sector, and have seen her present at various events. More recently I have been working with Belinda on membership strategy for our organisation diving deep into our data and context. Belinda’s deep knowledge of the sector and various providers allows her to understand our issues in the context of the wider changes taking place in our sector. Belinda provides strategic advice and support with an eye on the future, and both national and international trends. This has enabled us to make decisions and to gain advantage in relation to our future membership models including community building approaches. Belinda is easy to work with, thoughtful and enthusiastic about the changes ahead. I know that working with Belinda we will not be left behind!.” Peter Saffin, CEO, Mathematical Association of Victoria

Resources by Belinda: Pandemic Management Strategy Template; Association Annie: Herding Cats; Association ApocalypseMembership is Dead WhitepaperSmall Association Turnarounds – A Step by Step Approach WhitepaperMembership Managers’ Handbook

Julian Moore, Consultant

Julian is Australasia’s top not-for-profit sponsorship practitioner, specialises in charities, associations and other non-profits. He draws on his extensive experience in both Australia and Europe to deliver exceptional sponsorship outcomes for his clients. His work includes in-house coaching and training; Board briefings, keynote speaking and ad hoc consultancy for those seeking specific assistance with their business development processes. Julian draws on his extensive experience in Australia and the United Kingdom to improve the sponsorship performance of clients. Julian is an accomplished and entertaining speaker who regularly presents at events around the world. During his presentations he gives real world examples and case studies to inspire and engage attendees. Whether through his presentations or consultancy, Julian focuses on providing practical and useful ideas that can be implemented immediately to start benefiting your organisation. You can connect with Julian by emailing Julian@smsonline.net.au, calling +61 0401 648 533, or via LinkedIn or Twitter.

“The Australian Boarding Schools Association had reached 100% membership and was not able to grow, and Julian Moore brought to us the ability to move forward in our Strategic Plan. His engaging nature, ability to make us think outside the square, positive attitude to every hurdle and vision to see our worth made our work together engaging partners incredibly valuable. In all of the time spent together he has taught us the important skills to move forward, develop worthwhile partnerships and work toward growth and development.” Richard Stokes, Australian Boarding Schools Association

Resources by Julian: Creating Compelling Sponsorship Proposals WhitepaperRevenue Generation Ideas for Associations