Our Journey

SMS is run by Belinda Moore (formerly Belinda Busoli) and Julian Moore who each have wealth of experience in the Australasian and European nonprofit sectors. Belinda and Julian came together both personally and professionally through a fortuitous combination of circumstances.

A chance meeting … Belinda and Julian met in 2007 after hearing about each other’s successes at work via the association grapevine. Julian had heard about the membership work Belinda was doing in Australia and Belinda had heard about Julian’s sponsorship successes in the United Kingdom. Being keen to meet in person to exchange ideas they arranged to meet for a coffee at an event they were attending in Barcelona.

Love at first sight … It was love at first sight, and many hours later they were still talking over the same cup of coffee (now somewhat colder). After returning to her hotel room later that day Belinda called her mother and told her "I've met the man I'm going to marry" ... lucky for them both she didn't tell Julian about that until after they were engaged!

Immigration, marriage, children … With Belinda's strong dislike of the cold and Julian's passion for the sun it was a foregone conclusion that Australia would be their home. So, very shortly after that first meeting, Julian moved to Australia. On April 3, 2010, they were married and in October, they gave birth to Jack Darcy Moore. Followed by David John Moore in April 2014. They live in Redlands with their dogs and an assortment of native wildlife that Julian has learned to love ... mostly.

and a successful business. Both Belinda and Julian passionately love the work they do in the nonprofit sector almost as much as they love each other - so working together was a foregone conclusion. Julian and Belinda are now happily juggling running a successful business that energizes them with the joys of marriage and parenthood. They both feel incredibly fortunate to have attained such a wonderful level of professional and personal happiness and look forward to assisting others to do the same.