February 11, 2021

WHITEPAPER: Associations Evolve

by Belinda in Uncategorized

In an uncertain world, the need for associations is greater than ever. The COVID-19 crisis has been a powerful reminder of the value associations can deliver for members. And the ability of associations to adapt quickly when given a compelling reason to do so. Even still, Associations cannot reach their full potential while shackled by operating models that are no longer effective. The evolution of society to an ultra-connected environment now requires a similar evolution in associations. 

Associations must rise to meet the needs of contemporary members. Some associations may need only minor changes. Others must transform to shed the detritus built from many years of inertia. Our new whitepaper, Associations Evolve, provides insight into how associations can find a pathway forward. 

The whitepaper is just the start of a broader discussion. Over the course of this year we are running a research project to bring together passionate association professionals and thought leaders to answer burning questions, create practical solutions, and build useful resources via the Associations Evolve Research Project. 

This is an exciting year for the association sector. We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact we can make for the sector.