March 26, 2020

Webinar: How to Create Your Partnership Recovery Program

by Belinda in Uncategorized

Friday 3 April. 1pm-1.45pm QLD time.

COVID-19 has created a perfect storm for associations. Members need more servicing than ever before to assist them through this crisis at a time where traditional funding sources, mainly events and sponsorship, have been decimated. Associations are scrambling to deliver enhanced services to members – remotely – in a financially sustainable way.

Our sponsors are also facing their own challenges. They are seeking to leverage existing partnerships to assist them to achieve their new objectives and assessing new opportunities on their ability to generate a strong measurable return.

For associations willing to be innovative, there are opportunities available. This is not a time to be shy with your sponsors and your sponsorship strategy.

With the removal of face-to-face events, associations are now engaging with members by more measurable channels such as telephone, online, and direct mail. They can now run programs where a direct return on investment can be easily calculated – enabling sponsors to measure the success of their investment, and the association can allocate an appropriate price to these opportunities.

These new channels are often far less costly than face-to-face events which enables the association to generate a greater surplus from partnership activities that can then be reinvested to benefit members.

Now is the time to be developing and implementing your partnership recovery program to ensure you are ideally placed to retain your existing sponsorship and, as appropriate, gain new ones.

In this webinar, Julian Moore, Australasia’s foremost partnerships practitioner, will discuss how other association are successfully adapting their offerings as well as some of the key steps you need to undertake to create your partnership recovery program and ensure strong revenues into the future.

Time will be allowed for questions and discussion.

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