March 26, 2020

Webinar: Creating a Pandemic Management Strategy

by Belinda in Uncategorized

Friday 27 March. 1pm – 1.45pm QLD time.

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt by everyone throughout our community. We are all dealing with challenges we could not have imagined just a month ago. The whole toilet paper shortage was funny at first. Then I ran out of paper. It got dramatically less funny with each additional store I visited. It became deadly serious when it was apparent that many of the most vulnerable in our society were not able to access this essential item.

In the association sector, the wide-spread cancellation of events is having a major impact on the financial sustainability of many associations. We are already experiencing a massive flow across the economy as a myriad of jobs and other opportunities that associations support are being lost. Association staff are having to grapple with cancelling major events (some at very short notice), moving CPD online, and managing member concerns.

“Business as usual” isn’t an option. Most of the people I’ve heard from are concerned about balancing helping members with the need to ensure their financial sustainability. Without a doubt, these are challenging times. But now is also an opportunity for associations to fulfill their primary purpose by being a beacon of hope and support for their communities.

In this webinar, Belinda will discuss the practical steps associations can take to effectively assist their members and secure the sustainability of their association.

Time will be allowed for questions and discussion.

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