June 8, 2023

Update from the SMS Team

by Belinda in Associations

As those who know me will attest, I am rather enthusiastic about taking on any (and all) projects that I feel will make an impact. This normally isn’t an issue … until the past year.

Recently the number of projects has grown to the point where finding time in my calendar is more challenging than convincing my 9 year old that broccoli tastes good.

Following a family meeting (over an intense game of Uno) we decided my enthusiasm needed a dose of reality and cutting back would be required.

The current CEO of Trybz, Stephen Myers-Los, enthusiastically embraced my idea to cut back and offered to purchase my shares in Trybz. Happy about the lessening workload, yet sad to let go of such an interesting project, I accepted his offer.

And here we are.

Congratulations Stephen! I know you will do an awesome job as Captain of the SS Trybz. But be warned that I’m not disappearing! I will continue to support Trybz to deliver a practical association community building solution from both a client and advisory perspective 🙂

And what will I be focusing on?

Through Strategic Membership Solutions I have some really interesting consultancy projects underway – mostly strategic planning and membership model reviews. I’ve also got two new whitepapers almost ready for release, and a big research project about to roll out.

With Angela Shelton at Answers for Associations we’ve got the upcoming sold out Association Leaders Retreat in Darwin, the next edition of the Associations Evolve journal heading into production, and a couple of very cool new services coming out (stay tuned).

I will also be taking a short break away in the caravan with the family.

I certainly won’t be getting bored anytime soon. And … somewhere in there … I’m hoping to fit in a few more rounds of Uno with Julian and the rest of the family.

All the best,

Belinda Moore @SMS