November 27, 2020

Share Your Expertise

by Belinda in Uncategorized

The Answers for Associations Online Community has just added a free and easy way for association professionals to ask, answer, and vote on questions. This is an excellent resource if you have questions you’d like to ask other association professionals – and if you are willing to share your expertise. To give it a go, login to (you can register for free if you aren’t already a user). 

Recent questions include: 

  • How have you increased sponsorship ROI and engagement at virtual events?
  • Should Associations collectively bargain to reduce our costs? If yes, in what areas?
  • What renewal strategies are working best for your organisation in the COVID environment?  
  • What are your future plans for working from home?  
  • Have organisations adapted their membership offering/product inclusions in response to COVID?  
  • What is the optimum number of Board members for Associations?  

This service was developed in response to the need for association professionals to be able to expand beyond their existing networks to ask questions of immediate concern. We are still refining this brand new service so I’d really appreciate any feedback and ideas for refinement you have.