Our Sponsorship services are delivered by Julian Moore, Australasia’s foremost expert in association partnerships. Able to be delivered in-house or remotely, Julian’s sessions are highly interactive and inject a level of creativity into the process that enables your program to stand out from others.

Julian brings his extensive experience in this area to ensure your program has all the elements and structure necessary to ensure its success. He works with associations of all sizes and configurations and can adapt his programs to suit your requirements. This can be something as straightforward as a one day sponsorship workshop with your team, to a more in-depth ongoing coaching program.

His most popular services include:

One Day Sponsorship Strategy Session

This session has been designed for those reviewing their current sponsorship program. It is ideal for those who wish to ensure they are “sponsor ready” but don’t require the additional follow up support provided by our more intensive coaching program. During the day you will create a coordinated, targeted sponsorship program supported by a compelling proposal and a targeted list of prospective sponsors. Over the course of the day your team will gain the structure, tools, skills and contacts required to proactively seek high value, long term sponsors for your organisation. This course also comes with a prospective sponsor database.

Sponsorship Coaching

Our sponsorship coaching program is a fantastic option for those seeking to generate sponsorship income while at the same time ensuring their team have the skills to build a successful and sustainable sponsorship program. This process enables us to train your team members on how to generate sponsorship income by coaching them through the process of overhauling your sponsorship program. This program also comes with a guarantee … We guarantee to continue working with you at no additional charge until the sponsorship goal we set together at the beginning is met – no matter how long it takes.

Sponsorship Health Check Strategy Session

This one day strategy session reviews your current sponsorship program and provides insights you can apply immediately to improve your sponsorship results. Our one day Sponsorship Health Check program has been designed to provide an independent review of your current sponsorship strategies and practices for the purpose of identifying and prioritising opportunities to improve your sponsorship performance.

Sales Training

We provide an interactive sales training workshop that will get your staff motivated and up-skilled in sales and member services. This session is designed to ensure your team have a renewed enthusiasm for outbound sales calls, face to face selling and proactive member or sponsor acquisition. Your team will leave the session with the skills, ideas and motivation to improve their ability to generate membership sales. This is a very practical, association specific session that recognises the unique sales challenges faced by association professionals selling membership and sponsorship.

In-House Training

Julian frequently delivers training sessions to Boards and association staff. He can work with you to develop an in-house training session to up-skill your staff and/or volunteers. His sessions are fully tailored to meet the outcomes you are seeking to achieve.

Sponsorship Brokerage

For those wanting someone else to seek the sponsorship rather than do it yourself we undertake sponsorship brokerage on a case by case basis. Unlike sponsorship coaching where you source the sponsorship under our guidance, with sponsorship brokerage we will go out and source the sponsors for you. This option is suitable for one-off projects, organisations who do not have (nor wish to hire) a full time sponsorship specialist or for those who simply want a sponsorship specialist to come in and get the job done for them.

Want to Know More?

Julian’s services are tailored specifically to clients needs so we’d recommend you contact us to set up a time to discuss your challenges further. In the meantime, here is what past clients have said about their experience:

 “The Australian Boarding Schools Association had reached 100% membership and was not able to grow, and Julian Moore brought to us the ability to move forward in our Strategic Plan. His engaging nature, ability to make us think outside the square, positive attitude to every hurdle and vision to see our worth made our work together engaging partners incredibly valuable. In all of the time spent together he has taught us the important skills to move forward, develop worthwhile partnerships and work toward growth and development.” Richard Stokes, Australian Boarding Schools Association

“Julian Moore is the must attend event for those thinking about sponsorship through to seasoned professionals. He really is the guru in this space. His openness and practical tools were invaluable and very refreshing to hear. If he can’t teach you how to engage corporate partners successfully, you should think about another vocation.” Warren Cecil, Grants and Sponsorship Facilitator, Manningham City Council.

“Julian knows his stuff! He can make material difference to the sponsorship income stream for your business.” Mike Barouche, Australian Hotels Association (VIC)

We have thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning how to articulate our strengths and test the waters with companies with whom we might be a match.  Our confidence in what we provide has grown and we now understand the process of finding ‘matches’ with annual partners.  Not every company you approach is a match for your association, but when you find one that is, it’s magic!   SMS have helped us find that magic, in more places than we originally expected! Angela White, CEO, Adolescent Success

“We engaged Julian to develop our team’s ability to proactively engage with current and future members. Julian’s workshop was engaging, inspiring, and has broken down a number of barriers holding back our team. I would highly recommend Julian to improve your team’s performance and to give them the confidence they need to get to the next level.” Matt Golley, Business Development Manager, Institute of Public Accountants.

Julian is the foremost authority on sustainable partnership creation in the sector. He has the ability to think big picture and draw parallels others don’t see.” Dougal Hollis, Vision 2020 Australia

You can walk in despairing how you will ever be able to run an event, find a sponsor, make some money and you walk out with a positive resolution and the knowledge that it can be done!” Antonella Segre, Connect Groups