Welcome to our list of free tools, templates and other interesting titbits. These are some of the tools we use when we work with our clients. If you are looking for some assistance with your strategy development, membership, partnerships or sponsorship please get in touch. We’d be happy to have an obligation free chat about how we can help.

VIDEO: How to Create a Strategic Plan that Really Works

A great strategic plan conveys a compelling shared vision of the future of your association – as well as a clear pathway to get there. It is a fabulous tool for motivating your Board, staff, members, and other stakeholders. It also ensures your strategy creates a tangible and long-lasting positive impact. In this video, Belinda shares her bespoke process and provide you with all the information you need to run the most successful strategic planning session ever.

COVID-19 and Beyond: Lessons for Associations from the COVID-19 Crisis

426 associations participated in this comprehensive research project that provides insight into the current and future impact of the COVID-19 crisis on associations. Learn what associations did, what they learned, and what insights we need to integrate into our future planning processes. The report includes a “what did we learn” section to enable you to gain a quick overview of what you need to know when planning for the future.

WHITEPAPER: Rise! Empowering Australian workers through the collective spirit and collaborative energy of unions

This pandemic crisis will gravely impact the health and livelihoods of many. However, it also creates the need to build union capacities even more pressing. This paper, written by Belinda Moore and Chris Walton, explores the current landscape for unions in Australia and outlines innovative pathways forward for unions to more effectively empower Australian workers.

VIDEO: Reshaping Associations – The Impact of the Pandemic on Membership Models

In this webinar Belinda will discuss how the gradual shift from traditional membership models (service provider models) to community membership models (including subscription models) has accelerated with the pandemic. This session will cover the major factors impacting change and how different are adapting their membership models to the new operating environment.

VIDEO: How to Create Your Association Partnership Recovery Program

This is a recording of the 45 minute webinar run on Friday 3 April 2020. In this webinar, Julian Moore, discusses how other associations are successfully adapting their partnerships and sponsorship programs to the COVID-19 crisis.

VIDEO: Creating a Pandemic Management Strategy for Your Association

This is a recording of the 45 minute webinar run on Friday 27 March. during which Belinda discusses the practical steps associations can take to effectively assist their members and secure the sustainability of their association during the COVID-19 crisis.

TEMPLATE – Pandemic Management Strategy for Associations

Business as usual is not an option in 2020. Associations wanting to navigate through this crisis need a clear, simple, and focused strategy that delivers powerful value for members while also securing the sustainability of the association. This template is a great starting point for those wanting to plan there way through.

WHITEPAPER – Association Apocalypse

A whitepaper issued in June 2019 about the future of membership associations that is useful as a briefing tool for Boards. If you would like an in-house briefing tailored specifically to your association contact us to speak further.

SLIDEDECK – Setting Realistic Targets

This is a slide deck that illustrates an exercise we use to demonstrate realistic target setting. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you ensure your targets are realistic – or for help developing strategies that will make those stretch targets more achievable.

CALCULATOR – Basic Membership Stats

This Excel spreadsheet will assist you to calculate your basic membership statistics including your retention rates, growth rates, and average tenure. If you are having challenges working out your statistics, or working out what statistics you should be tracking, contact us for help.

WHITEPAPER – Creating Compelling Sponsorship Proposals

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive structure for sponsorship proposals and your cover letter. This is a great tool for ensuring you are creating a great proposal. If you would like to ensure your proposal, and your overall approach to partnerships and sponsorship, is as successful as possible please contact us. We have a range of support options available.

WHITEPAPER – Membership is Dead

A whitepaper about the future of membership associations that is useful as a briefing tool for Boards. If you would like an in-house briefing tailored specifically to your association contact us to speak further.

EBOOK – Membership Managers’ Handbook (2018 Edition)

A comprehensive guide to effectively recruiting and retaining members. If you would like assistance ensuring you are implementing the processes, strategies, and ideas within this handbook effectively, please contact us about our membership consultancy services.

Recommended Reading List (Article)

A list of books and publications worth checking out if you are interested in association, membership, and related topics.