High-Value Partnership and Sponsorship Support

We Help You Develop a Sustainable, High-Value Partnership and Sponsorship Programs.  

We can guide you through every step of the process, from defining your sponsorship goals to identifying and securing sponsors. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your existing program to the next level, we have the expertise and support you need. We offer a range of coaching and support options, from one-on-one guidance to group workshops and ongoing support. With our help, you can build a program that drives value for your sponsors and your association.

Generating Sustainable, High-Value Partnership and Sponsorship Revenue

Seeking sponsors and partners is a crucial skill for any organisation. It provides the opportunity to secure vital funding and resources that can help achieve the organisation's goals. However, as many have found, it's a skill that requires development, effort, and a strategic approach to ensure success. Our sponsorship coaching process guides you through every step of the partnership and sponsorship process. From defining your goals to identifying potential sponsors and providing post-engagement support, we are committed to your success.

Navigating the world of sponsorships and partnerships can be intricate. With our support, we simplify this journey. Whether you're starting from scratch or elevating your existing program, we're can help you enhance your outcomes.  We overhaul your sponsorship approach, focusing on skill development, and building a sustainable revenue stream. Our most popular service is:

High-Value Partnership and Sponsorship Coaching

Our sponsorship coaching program empowers your team to build sustainable sponsorship income streams while generating revenue. We provide personalised training to overhaul your sponsorship program, ensuring skill development and long-term success in generating sponsorship income. Through this program you will:

  • Set clear sponsorship income goals.
  • Revamp your sponsorship offerings.
  • Pinpoint new high-value sponsors.
  • Build a custom sponsor contact database.
  • Develop an engaging sponsorship proposal.
  • Implement your strategy to reach your sponsorship targets.
  • Master the art of attracting and retaining top-tier sponsors.
  • Equip you with the tools and skills to establish lasting, high-value sponsorships.
  • Attain your sponsorship goals.

Our Guarantee

Our coaching service comes with a guarantee. We guarantee to support you until the pre-agreed target revenue amount is achieved. Even when the formal program ends, Julian Moore remains "on call" to guide you until your target revenue is achieved. This guarantee ensures you achieve your sponsorship target while gaining the confidence to proceed independently beyond that figure.


Our methodology is tried and tested, consistently delivering results for our clients. Our approach is systematic, ensuring thoroughness, an includes the full extent of the process such as:

  • Sponsorship project planning workshop. Our initial three-day session will give you the structure, tools, skills, and contacts required to proactively seek high value, long term sponsors for your organisation. This session involves:

* Identifying the top potential sponsors in the main industry marketplaces you inhabit to give you a clearly defined list of the most aligned corporate companies to target. This process will focus specifically on identifying new partners from a variety of industries.

* Creating an enhanced sponsorship structure which allows for a greater number of high value sponsorship opportunities. We will also assign an appropriate value to each of these.

* Reviewing each of the potential sponsors identified to create a shortlist of corporate targets (four or five from each major industry area) and develop a plan for approaching these prospective sponsors.

* Creating a new sponsorship proposal that fits into the new enhanced structure. This will involve developing a proposal that can be tailored for each of your target corporates. During the three-day workshop, we will develop the text for this proposal and determine appropriate pricing. This proposal can then be used as a template for future proposals.

* Discovering the direct contact details for relevant people at each prospective sponsor organisation. Training will be provided to enable the quick discovery of the direct email address and phone numbers for those responsible for sponsorship. You will then have the database of prospective sponsors and the skills to identify others in future. Note that, if there any particularly challenging contacts, we will work with you to ensure your database is complete.

* Planning for effective implementation, sustainable growth, and ongoing success. Once we have identified new sponsors, created a new structure, and developed the text for your proposals, it is imperative we have a successful implementation plan. To enable this, we will develop a timeline and issue responsibilities to ensure a successful outcome. We will also supply you with additional resources including a template of a sponsorship contract that you can tailor to your specific situation. Once tailored, we recommend having a qualified lawyer review these.

  • Create a compelling sponsorship proposal. After the three-day session, has been completed the next stage of the project is to have your proposal professionally designed to ensure prospective sponsors develop the right impression of your organisation from the start. Your team will co-ordinate incorporating the text we developed during the workshop into a professionally designed proposal (We will provide samples your designer can use as a guide). By regularly sending us through drafts we can work together to ensure you produce the best possible proposal.
  • Send your sponsorship proposals to targeted list. While your proposal is being designed, you will be refining the prospective sponsor database from the organisations identified during the three-day workshop. Once you have finalised your proposal, and the database is complete, we will then determine an appropriate date to issue the proposals and another date for me to return and coach you through the telephone follow up process in a timely manner.
  • Follow up your sponsorship proposals by phone. Approximately one to two weeks after the proposals have been issued, we will spend a full day with you coaching you through how to follow up the proposals via telephone. The purpose of these calls is not to sell the sponsorship but to gain a meeting with the potential sponsor. After this full day session, you will then have the tools necessary to be able to independently follow up sponsors in the future.
  • Meet with potential sponsors to close the deal. We will attend your first day of meetings to ensure that those dealing directly with the sponsors are implementing the tools and training effectively. At this point you will have the collateral and training to be able to independently source sponsors now and into the future. Once those meetings are finished you have completed these five steps the structured part of the project will conclude. we will then continue to assist as needed to ensure the goal set at the beginning of the program is achieved.
  • Continue until the target amount is achieved.

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