Fostering an Innovation Mindset in Your Association

A nimble, innovation mindset is crucial for associations to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their members. However, fostering this mindset can be a challenge, especially in a traditional, hierarchical organisation. Here are seven tips for encouraging creativity and adaptability in your association staff and board:

Encourage open communication.

Encourage open and transparent communication among staff and board members to create a safe space for sharing ideas and feedback. This could include regular team meetings or open forums for discussion.

Embrace failure.

Encourage a culture of learning from failure rather than punishing it. This can help create a safe space for risk-taking and innovation.

Encourage continuous learning.

Encourage staff and board members to pursue ongoing learning and development opportunities to stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. This could include providing training resources or encouraging staff to attend conferences or workshops.

Encourage diversity of thought.

Encourage diversity of thought by promoting a diverse and inclusive culture and seeking out diverse perspectives and backgrounds among staff and board members.

Encourage collaboration.

Encourage collaboration and teamwork by providing opportunities for staff and board members to work together on projects and initiatives. This could include cross-functional teams or collaborative brainstorming sessions.

Encourage experimentation.

Encourage experimentation and innovation by providing resources and support for staff and board members to test new ideas and approaches. This could include a budget for pilot projects or a dedicated innovation team.

Recognise and reward innovation.

Recognise and reward innovative ideas and efforts to encourage a culture of innovation within the organisation. This could include providing incentives or recognition for innovative projects or ideas.

By following these seven tips, associations can foster a nimble, innovation mindset among their staff and board. From encouraging open communication and embracing failure to encouraging continuous learning and experimentation, there are many ways to encourage creativity and adaptability within the organisation.

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JOURNAL: Associations Evolve: 2023 & Beyond Journal Released

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JOURNAL: Associations Evolve: 2022 & Beyond

Forty-six association experts from around the world have collaborated to produce a collection of articles showcasing contemporary thinking on governance, membership, revenue, events, and much more.

This is a great resource for those looking for inspiration and motivation to make 2022 your best year ever. It makes great holiday reading for those who are feeling particularly enthusiastic (tip: this publication pairs well with red wine and cheese).

Download “Associations Evolve: 2022 & Beyond”

This publication is part of our Associations Evolve project which looks for ways to help associations to thrive into the future. 

Thanks to Beau Cummin from Visual Traffic for his fabulous work designing this publication, Northern Territory Business Events for their great support of this project, and all our wonderful contributors.  

We hope you will find this collection of articles from experts in the association space as informative, inspiring, and motivating as we did. 

All the best for a fun and relaxing break over the festive period. I hope you arrive back at work refreshed and ready for an awesome 2022.

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