September 11, 2023

Beyond ChatGPT – Other Practical AI Tools for Associations: Webinar

by Belinda in Technology & Data

When: Fri 6 October. 9.30am-11pm. Cost: Free

Following our ‘ChatGPT for Association Professionals‘ workshop, SMS is back with more! This time, we’re zooming out to take a look at the broader landscape of AI tools and solutions that can really make a difference in associations. Julian will be at the helm again, ready to show you the ropes with live demonstrations of AI tools you can use immediately in your association.

Imagine the convenience of having AI to make phone calls, whip up presentations, create interactive assistants, or even build websites – pretty cool, right? Julian will walk you through these and much more, showing you firsthand how they work and how they can make things run more smoothly in your association.

But he’s not just stopping at the demonstration! He will stick around for an extra 30 minutes to answer any burning questions you might have.

For those who can’t make it, or who want to watch it again, we’ll be recording the whole session and sending the link to all registrants. Click here to register for this complimentary workshop.