April 14, 2021

Associations Evolve Update

by Belinda in Uncategorized

We are proud to be coordinating the Associations Evolve research project. This project is bringing together passionate association professionals and thought leaders, to answer burning questions, create practical solutions, and build useful resources.

This project is an extension of popular whitepapers produced by SMS including the Association Apocalypse and Associations Evolve whitepapers.

The purpose of this project is to provide associations with the inspiration, motivation, and insights needed to successfully adapt to the rapidly changing operating landscape.

The output of this project will be useful ideas, concepts, templates, and practical that stimulate useful conversations and drive action.

Already we have:

  • Conducted a survey to identify the key issues facing associations.
  • Triaged those questions into different types of research projects.
  • Run a hackathon to address 5 of key challenges (output will be issued late April)

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