7 Feb 2018 10:53 AM | Belinda Moore (Administrator)

There are lots of opportunities to improve the performance of membership, sponsorship, and events at your association through attending one of the events we will be presenting this year. The following list includes the highlights but we also recommend checking out the SMS Calendar of Events and the Answers Calendar of Events.  

Great Association Meetings & Events Symposium

The Great Association Meetings & Events Symposium will provide you with all the inspiration, tools and practical ideas you need to make your events massively more successful. Attend this event if you are interested in: Generating more delegates to your events, Increasing the profitability of your events, Improving your delegate experience, Reducing your event costs, Maximising your event income, Increasing your sponsorship, Integrating new technologies, and more. This event has been designed to provide insights from the point of planning your overall event strategy through to execution. We have sourced incredible speakers from near and far to ensure you are getting the best insights into the rapidly evolving world of association events. If you are involved at any stage of this process then you will benefit from attending this event ... find out more about Brisbane 17-18 April.

Let's Get You Sponsored

This two day event will leave you with everything required to approach corporate sponsors the very next day. In this event, Julian will work with you to write your proposal, he will give you an up-to-date sponsor database of who to approach, and a covering letting to attach to your proposal. This practical, interactive workshop will provide you with the invaluable insights, tools and advice necessary to make 2018 your most successful sponsorship year ever. This event is the best way to start - or reinvigorate - your associations' sponsorship program ... find out more about the Sydney (1-2 May) and Melbourne (8-9 May) sessions.

How to Develop an Effective Membership Strategy

In this workshop you will be guided through a step-by-step process to develop a membership strategy that serves the needs of your audience as well as generating a financial return for your association. You will also learn the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to achieve powerful membership growth. This program is a fantastic way to gain a broad understanding of the key faucets of managing a membership program and anyone who is tasked with developing or communicating the value of membership internally or externally will benefit from this workshop.  ... find out more about the Melbourne (20 Jun), Sydney (21 June), Brisbane (25 June), and Wellington (28 June) sessions

How to Develop a High Value, Sustainable Sponsorship Program

This one day workshop has been designed to provide you with the skills, structure and inspiration to develop a high value sponsorship (partner) program that will massively increase the income of your association or charity. Julian's interactive presentation will provide a fresh perspective to developing a lucrative sponsorship program that will bring benefits to your members, your association and your partner ... find out more about the Wellington (22 August), Sydney (24 August), Adelaide (28 August), Melbourne (29 August), and Brisbane (31 August) sessions.

Please note that all SMS events are running through the Answers for Associations from 2018.

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